Friday, September 2, 2011

Brushing the Dust Off

Wow- it's been three years! I make may way back to the blog-o-sphere for a little professional study. For the next year I will be using my blog as a tool for reflection. My goal as an educator, mother, wife and all around human is to improve on my current state. I will be posting my reflections here to document this journey.

I started a new position in my building this year. While it is still 5th grade, much of the curriculum is accelerated. I also have the pleasure of teaching 4th and 6th grade Social Studies, which I am extremely excited about! My students all use Learning Logs to reflect on their work in my classroom. If I am expecting them to do it, I have decided to take a great leap and follow as well.


My reflections may be more honest and straight forward than I have been in the past. Well, enjoy the ride and thanks for following along with me!